OverDrive App problem for iPad/iPhone

I don't have a lot of clear information, but there are reports of numerous issues with the latest OverDrive app (3.5.0) for iPad/iPhone users. The 3.5.0 version was released, I believe, on February 2. On February 5, OverDrive released an update 3.5.1. It is unclear if the latest release has fixed all, or just some of the problems. Until we here more, I have put a note on InfoSoup recommending that OverDrive users do not download the latest OverDrive app for Apple products. Users who have downloaded the 3.5.0 version, should update to 3.5.1.

Issues with the latest app included losing titles in your library, being unable to download checked out titles, and losing all your history. For some users, uninstalling, and then reinstalling the app has resolved some of the problems. I hope to hear more from OverDrive or WiLS soon. If patrons call regarding this issue, have them check the app version. To check your App version, open the app, go to the menu (tap menu icon or swipe right) and tap "About." If the version is 3.5.0, suggest that they update to 3.5.1. If they are on the latest version and still having problems, please take down their name, email address and library card number and let them know that we will contact them as soon as we have an update from OverDrive. Thanks,