Holds showing as (0) in Encore

We are getting a number of reports of users logging in to Encore and seeing a (0) next to their holds display tab. Upon clicking on "Holds", the holds do appear and the number in parentheses updates. Although this might cause some panic for users thinking that all their holds are gone, it appears to be a display issue and not a problem with any lost data. My current guess is that is some kind of caching issue related to the Encore upgrade. I will open a ticket with Innovative to try and learn more and see if there is anything they can do. For now, I am thinking this is a one time problem the first time a user logs in after the upgrade. If anyone comes across an instance of a user with holds where the holds display remains at (0) after a user has logged in a second or third time, please let me know. I will report if I learn anything from Innovative. Thanks,