Who to Call

NFLS Libraries Tech Support

Computers/Sierra Hardware (NFLS)

Contact John | email | (920) 448-4412

Computer Software (NFLS)

Contact John | email | (920) 448-4412 for:

All computer software issues, including:

  • Deep Freeze
  • ESET Antivirus
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Public Web Browser / Catalog Stations

Network Infrastructure (NFLS)

Contact Dave | email | (920-832-6193) for:

Any network issues, including troubleshooting, data circuts, network hardware (routers, hubs, terminal servers), wireless.

Contact John | email | (920) 448-4412

  • New Connections: Policy requires that OWLS or NFLS approve any new connections
  • Cabling: Libraries are responsible; contact John for specifications

CARL/InfoSoup Stuff

If you have questions related to InfoSoup or Sierra, you can always use the OWLSnet Help List or the Cathelp list for Catalog related issues.

Contact Molly | email | (920) 832-6365 for:

  • Circulation
  • Circulation training
  • Holds
  • Offline circulation
  • Weeding
  • Patron registration
  • Reports (Custom statistical, weeding, or patron reports)

email OWLSnet Help | (920)-832-6365

  • Closed days
  • Inventory
  • Notices
  • Reports (Standard & weeding) - reports generated by OWLS and emailed by OWLS
  • Offline Circ - or Contact Molly

OWLSnet Help List

Please use the owlsnet help list to report any non cataloging related question, problems or issues with Sierra, InfoSoup, Encore, wireless & internet issues, SAM, reports, statistics etc...

CatHelp List

Please use the CatHelp List -- cathelp@owlsweb.org to contact the Catalogers with any issue relating to fixing or updating bibliographic or item records in Sierra or for questions about SkyRiver. Examples include:

  • Updating Records
  • Changing Material Type
  • Reporting Bibliographic errors
  • Wrong book covers
  • Misspellings
  • Anything to do with Magazines
  • Update or correct Series Information

Contact Amanda | //alee@owlsweb.org">email | (920) 832-6194

  • General InfoSoup Web OPAC questions