Online Reports

This report lists items that probably should be short loan. Since some of these shouldn't be short loan, please use your judgment. For example, items for book clubs will appear on this report, but since these represent a very short-term high demand, they probably should not be changed to a short loan Itype.  After changing the appropriate items to short loan, please check in any items on your shelves.

This report lists only those items that are NOT short loan already. The report is sorted by the agency first, then the number of holds. Items not included on this list are:

  • Titles with only 1 or 2 holds
  • Titles where the item to hold ratio is less than .4 (there are more than twice as many items as holds)

This report lists items available to fill bib holds over 2 weeks old, and item holds over 1 week hold. Please look for these items on your shelves and check them in. Please note that a few of the bib holds are listed under multiple libraries, so if an item doesn't trap for a hold, it means that someone else has already filled the hold.

These items are listed as on the holdshelf, but have no holds attached.  They may be on a holdshelf or shelved elsewhere in the library.  Please look for these items and if found, check them in to send them on to the owning library.