Our BiblioCommons contract begins on November 16, 2020. We hope to go live sometime in April or May of 2021, although we will not know for sure until we begin working through the implementation process.

BiblioCommons catalogs all pretty much look and feel the same. I like to look at MARINet, since it is a consortium, while many of the other sites are large City or County Libraries.

Closer to home, you can also look at the MORE consortium and Hennepin County.

The only other TLC library that we know of using BiblioCommons is Contra Costa County:

A full list can be found at:

When you are looking at sites, keep an eye on the url. If the URL has, that means you are in the catalog or on a catalog created page. If the URL changes to the library url, then you are on a library created page.

For instance, on the MARINet page, the default home page is “Recent Activity.” Everything on this page is automated (although libraries can change the order of the display). If you look at the first drop down menu “Explore,” all the links are part of the catalog. Most of the other links in the menu go to library created pages.

The New Titles, Awards, and Bestsellers pages all come as part of the catalog. For Awards and Bestsellers, libraries can choose what to display. Some libraries are very selective, and some include as many options as BiblioCommons makes available. For an expansive list of award winners see: For New Titles, the "Also See..." links at the bottom of the page are pre-fab catalog searches created by the libraries and can vary from site to site. We will understand our options here better as we learn more about how BiblioCommons gathers and organizes our data. 

Staff Picks/Staff Lists pages use the easy booklist making and sharing capabilities that come with BiblioCommons and is something we will explore more as our implementation proceeds