Work Too Long in Transit Report in CARL

CARL will set items that have been in transit for 14 days to a Lost status. If libraries would like to view items in transit before they go to Lost, they can use report 11001 - In Transit in CARL-X Staff. A printable version of these directions can be found here.

  1. Go to Reports > Circulation > 11001 - In Transit
  2. Select your library from the Parameter Set (do not select DEFAULT)
  3. Click the View/Edit Parameters button
    1. Edit or verify the number of days in "Reports In Transits Older than X Days" (we recommend 10 days)
    2. Set Controlling Branch to either "In Transit from Branch(es)" OR "In Transit to Branch(es)" OR "Both"
    3. Save
  4. Run
  5. When finished running, highlight your report under Transfer from Server and click Transfer
  6. Highlight the report under Available Copies and click "View" (or double-click the report)
  7. Repeat if you'd like to see the report for the opposite ("to" or "from") in step 3.






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