Work Lost and Paid/Lost Report in CARL

This report lists items whose status became Lost within a specific date range. The display of Lost items can be further limited by the item’s branch and the type of lost transaction, i.e. A9/LOSTNPAID, A9/LOSTNMISS, and other, not LOSTNPAID or LOSTNMISS. The report provides a summary view of items grouped by branch, including information such as the location, prefix, item call number, author, title, and item ID. The report also includes a detailed view for each item, where additional information such as media, CARL BID, ISBN, publication date, price, circulation history, last circulation date, and the associated patron ID are shown. Libraries may use this for collection development, to determine whether or not to purchase a replacement item. 

  1. In the CARL-X Staff client, navigate to Reports > Circulation > 20 - Lost Items.
  2. In the Parameter Set dropdown menu, choose your library.
  3. Click View/Edit Parameters.
  4. Choose the Start and End dates.
  5. Choose the Transaction Type: Lost Paid (A9/LOSTNPAID), Lost Tracer (A9/LOSTNMISS), Other lost - not lost tracer or lost paid.
  6. Make sure your branch is highloghted.
  7. Save.
  8. Run.
  9. Once the report is done running, highlight your report in the "Transfer from Server" side of the window and click Transfer.
  10. You will need to open this report through the C drive: Program Files > CarlX > Live > DSS > Data > locate Rpt0020.
  11. The Patron Number listed should al






Reports mailed or emailed to libraries