energize, inc.: especially for leaders of volunteers

A large Volunteer Management Resourc Library covering a wide range of volunteer topics.  Check ou the Hot Topics section for information on the latest trends. Some of the resources require subscriptions or payments, but many are free. A comprehensive site on volunteering in all kinds of settings.

Developing and Managing Volunteer Programs

A rich variety of information on volunteering from the Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits organized by topics such as Considerations in Establishing or Modifying Volunteer Management Systems, Role of Volunteer Managers, Legal and Risk Considerations, Volunteer Recruitment, and more.

Middleton Public Library Volunteer Policy

The guidelines in this policy are intended to provide "the framework for an on-going volunteer recruitment, utilization and appreciation plan." Having a written policy in place can help avoid miscommunications and hurt feelings. It is an excellent way to inform volunteers of the expectations the library has and the privileges volunteering gives them.

California Library Volunteers (job descriptions)

This site is designed "to help people who work with library volunteer programs keep from feeling isolated by helping them to share ideas, materials and problems -- the electronic way!" The resources section offers sample volunteer manuals, policy manuals, training materials, recruitment materials, and forms. If you're planning or redesigning a volunteer program for your library, this is a great place to start.