V. Responsibilities and Authorities of the Library Board

Refer to Chapter 43 of the Wisconsin Statutes (particularly section 43.58), the Wisconsin Public Library Trustee Manual, and individual library bylaws to provide basis and framework for the responsibilities and authority of the library board and individual trustees.

[Bylaws are rules governing the internal affairs of an organization. Every library board needs to have a set of bylaws, but they may differ to fit local situations. Bylaws should be updated at least every five years. Included in the bylaws should not only be the composition of the board, officer's responsibilities, and information regarding meetings and committees, etc., but also terms of office, number of reappointments allowed, action taken for frequent absences, and procedures for securing, appointing, and orientating new board members.]

The __________ Public Library encourages each library trustee to take advantage of training opportunities for trustees offered by the public library system or statewide agencies and organizations. Likewise, the Library encourages trustees to be active in the state library organization and its efforts to inform the governor and legislature of the benefits and needs of public libraries.