Library ILL Accounts in Sierra

Adding a new ILL Account in Sierra

Most libraries already have an ILL account set up in Sierra. If you get a request from a library, not in Sierra, go ahead and create a new patron. If you have any questions or need help, please contact Molly. To set up a new account, follow these instructions:

  • Expiration date set to three years out
  • Patron type should be 30 - ILL other libraries
  • Name should be entered as LIBRARY, <space> library name
  • Enter full address in the address field
  • Enter ILL email address, if you have it to allow libraries to receive email courtesy and overdue notices.
  • Any additional information such as telephone number and other contact information can be added into the record.  No need to make a special effort to collect contact person information.  If you have this information, go ahead and enter it.
  • Enter a barcode into the record and make sure to destroy or void the barcode so it isn't assigned to another patron account (there is no need to fill out a registration card or issue a library card.)
  • Library Location & Home Agency - It doesn't really matter what is in these fields, but the best practice is just to use your library.
  • Municipality - Use reasonable effort to match the Municipality of the library.